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What is the
"Direct-To-Consumer Virtual Summit?"

It's the #1 event for PT Private practice growth. A 100% free online event for the Private Practice Physical Therapy industry.  We are bringing together leaders from within the industry to discuss the key aspects of practice growth. 

This event covers:

  • Reaching The 90%: Why Most Advertising Only Touches 10% Of Consumers & How To Reach The Rest

  • 3 Mistakes Most Practices Make With Online Marketing

  • How To Get Your Team Onboard And Go Direct-To-Consumer 

  • Plus, Ample Time To Ask Your Questions Live

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Industry Experts

Speaker Profiles

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Chad Madden

Co-Founder, Breakthrough

More Info

Chad is the Founder of Madden Physical Therapy.

He may be the “most watched” back pain and sciatica specialist in the world! He has the #1 Videos in 6 different health categories on YouTube, has written three books, created the one-of-a-kind Exercise Card System, and has over 100,000 followers of his online and social media, newsletters, and other media.

Chad is a Bethlehem Steel Baby—his parents met working there, and he was probably conceived there! He grew up in West Hanover, Pennsylvania, and enjoyed a mediocre high school sports career. Determining his strengths were academic, he earned his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy.

On September 2, 2003, he opened his physical therapy practice with a total staff of one, in a 2,000 square foot office. His first son was born three days later —great timing!

He was an introvert and “book worm” growing up, despite also loving and playing sports. He still reads an insane quantity today, and there are over 500 books in his office. His favorites are classics from a famous Pennsylvania-based motivational speaker Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. Chad believes in “input = output”, and that constant improvement can only come by “mining gems” from a lot of information and ideas. Despite athletic shortcomings, he played 17 years of baseball, 6 years of basketball, wrestled for 2 years and played 9 years of football—and football first pointed him to his career.

Chad and his wife Stephanie now have four sons and two daughters, and live on a small farm, with five miniature donkeys, two cats and a Border Collie.

Above all else, Chad believes now is the best time to raise public awareness of all that a modern, independent PT practice offers and to raise the status, security and success of the independent practice— because now is the time we have.



Carl Mattiola

Co-Founder, Breakthrough

More Info

Carl began researching the PT field when he was a marketing executive at Tesla. He got up 3 hours before his regular work day to be on phone calls, interviewing PT practice owners about how they attracted and obtained patients. This is how Carl and Chad met. Carl was, of course, horrified at what he discovered from hundreds of these interviews. He wound up leaving Tesla—and leaving a lot of money on the table—to start a company, ClinicMetrics, in response to his determining that PT practice owners had no good way of “knowing their numbers” nor had they been taught how to use them of they could, to really manage a business for profit and growth.

Elon Musk used Carl to assemble teams to get new ideas made into viable projects and implemented. He helped launch the Tesla Model S, to over $60-Million in sales in less than a year. Post-Tesla, and during the early ClinicMetrics years, Carl built not one but four 7-figure income businesses from zero. Carl Mattiola knows how to get things done.

Over the next couple years, Carl and Chad kept talking and collaborating, and arrived at a convergent place: marrying the methods Chad had developed for Direct Access Marketing, to preserve his clinic’s independence and security, and for delivering extraordinary patient experiences in the clinic that motivated patients to get well and motivated staff to stay and excel with Carl’s ability to organize it all for consistent, virtually fail-safe implementation in any number of clinics. From this, The System and Breakthrough PT Marketing was born. Carl’s passion is in helping people clarify their life goals, identify, confront and eliminate barriers, and implement plans and strategies in a thoroughly organized way.

He is also fascinated with what he and Chad call “the multiplier effect” in doing well by doing good. In his words: “I don’t like seeing capable people beaten down, and a lot of PT practice owners are. They are so mired in constant or repeating negative aspects of the business—be that unmotivated staff, poor profit margins and personal income, referred patients who trudge in grudgingly by doctor’s order, or justified worry and fear about the future for a practice dependent on doctor referrals—that they feel trapped and “de-motivated” about their businesses everyday. 

This is no way to live a life! It is particularly sad in a business that has a great multiplier effect. When Chad and I help a PT owner to get out of that daily grind, re-boot with new and inspiring goals, and re-invent their practices, we don’t just make life a lot better for that PT and his family, but with him, for everyone on his staff, and for the patients, and by Direct Access Referrals, for family members and friends of those patients who might otherwise “just live with” a variety of pain conditions or, worse, become lifelong pain-pill addicts.

This is what excites Chad and I about what we do, and what can change your daily grind to a mission driven, authentically positive experience. However, motivation without foundation and inspiration without implementation is empty. It’s a sugar and carb loaded, wolfed down tray of fast food that feels great while you’re eating it, but only a couple hours later has you crash, and feel sick and tired. That’s why we will NEVER do a ‘motivation seminar’ or speech, although we do create a foundation for new motivation. Real interest in your business and real confidence about achieving goals comes from real capability and implementation. Which is why The System is so important. It’s why you being independent but not in this alone is so important. Finally, you can liberate your real goals including ones you’d given up on, and set about achieving them with legitimate confidence because you have a proven, methodical System and because you have coaching and support from people perfectly aligned with your interests.

The other thing to understand about the advertising and marketing components of this that you should appreciate is that they are scientific. Their foundation actually dates back decades to one of the founding fathers of modern direct-response advertising, Claude Hopkins, who coined the term: Scientific Advertising. It applies to Facebook and to direct-mail, to everything. We know our numbers. When a dollar is invested we know, within a small and acceptable range of variance, exactly how many dollars it will produce. We are not “just guessing” anymore than you guess at how to get a patient well. We are not engaged in creativity; we are marketing scientists. New, direct access patient flow raised to a level freeing you from dependence on doctor referrals and leveraged to achieve your business and life goals is a scientific process validated by Chad’s practices and over 735 others.

But let’s be clear. All of the implementation of The System is for bigger purposes.
For the multiplier effect.


Kathy Borkoski

Head of Product, Breakthrough

More Info

Kathy has had a career most 5-year olds would write down on career day. She graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2001 and served as a Navy Diver and Bomb Technician.

After eight years of diving, parachuting, shooting, and blowing things up, Kathy left the Navy and became a stunt double for two years with the deep-seated hope that she would one day play herself on TV (but that never happened).

Over the following years, she ran a successful proposal writing company, competed a little in CrossFit, continued to serve in the Navy Reserves with the Defense Innovation Unit and launched a successful Kickstarter for a baby book. Her final career move before Breakthrough was to Facebook on their Business Education team where she helped advertisers learn to navigate complex Facebook marketing tools. The common thread throughout it all was a tenacious appetite for solving hard problems.


Tyson Wigfall

Head of Marketing, Breakthrough

More Info

Tyson is the Head of Marketing at Breakthrough. With over 10 years of experience in both B2C and B2B marketing strategies, Tyson brings a new approach to this Summit with his expertise in how to help PTs get more patients through Direct-To-Consumer marketing. 


Luke & Ashtyn Haynes

Owners, Haynes PT

More Info

Dr. Haynes graduated from Texas Tech University Health Science Center in 1994 with a BsPT and later completed his DPT through Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Healthcare Professions. In 1997, Dr. Haynes opened his own private practice providing outpatient Physical Therapy services to orthopedic, sports, neurological pre and post surgical, pediatric, workers comp and industrial patients.

Dr. Haynes has 25 years of experience practicing physical therapy, applying the philosophies of a number of institutes, professions, and voluminous continuing education training series. He is certified in Dry Needling through 3 separate institutes. He is also practicing High Velocity Low Amplitude spinal and extremity manipulation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and blood flow restriction therapy. He has also completed education through OccuPro for worker’s compensation treatment, return to work, and Functional Capacity Evaluations. He is also a Certified Pool Operator.

Dr. Haynes is the Senior Clinical Instructor of the Haynes Physical Therapy and has developed the Haynes Method of Neuromuscular Dry Needlin® and educates fellow clinicians in its philosophy and clinical application.

In his spare time Dr. Haynes enjoys spending time with his wife and his children, working on vehicles, playing his guitar, and riding his Harley as much as he can.


Ashtyn graduated from Baylor University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and in 2013 she graduated from Texas Tech Health Science Center with a Master’s of Science in Clinical Practice Management.

Ashtyn began at Haynes Physical Therapy as a rehab tech in 2009 and began learning all aspects of the business as marketing coordinator and accounts specialist until she became Practice Manager in 2011.

Along with her career with Haynes PT, Ashtyn is also a Realtor® with Century 21 Judge Fite in Weatherford.

Prior to coming to Haynes PT, Ashtyn spent 2 years working for Curves International at their headquarters in Woodway, TX as the Human Resources Assistant.

In her spare time Ashtyn enjoys spending time with her husband and family, reading, baking, and riding her Harley.


Jeff Barta

Owner, Achieve Therapy

More Info

Jeff Barta is the owner of Achieve Therapy and Fitness. With over 8 locations in North Dakota, Jeff is on a mission to help people in pain get back to normal naturally. 

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Here’s What Attendees Have to Say


An overview of the sessions for our July 16, 2021 event.

Session #1
10:00 AM Eastern

The State of PT


Chad Madden

Founder, Breakthrough
Session #2
10:30 AM Eastern

How To Get Your Team Onboard When You Go Direct-To-Consumer


Luke & Ashtyn Haynes
Owners, Haynes PT

Session #3
11:15 AM Eastern

Getting Consistent Patients When Going To Direct To Consumer Marketing Without Reinventing The Wheel


Chad Madden 
Founder, Breakthrough

Session #4
12:00 PM Eastern

What Offer Works Best In A Post COVID World? Workshops or Free Screens?


Chad Madden 
Founder, Breakthrough

Session #5
12:45 PM Eastern

3 Mistakes Most Practices Make With Facebook and IOS Changes


Kathy Borkoski
Head of Product, Breakthrough

Session #6
1:30 PM Eastern

New Clinic and De Novo Success In A Post Pandemic


Chad Madden
Founder, Breakthrough

Head Shot

Dan Hinnerschitz
Director, Madden PT

Session #7
2:15 PM Eastern

3 Mistakes Most Practices Make With Online Marketing


Kathy Borkoski


Carl Mattiola


Chad Madden


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