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It's the #1 event for PT Private practice growth. A 100% free online event for the Private Practice Physical Therapy industry.  We are bringing together leaders from within the industry to discuss the key aspects of practice growth. 

This event covers:

  • How To Open Up Your Next Location Without Losing Money

  • How To Sell Your Practice Internally To Existing Leaders & Therapists

  • How To Navigate Mergers & Acquisitions For Maximum Valuation

  • Plus, Ample Time To Ask Your Questions Live

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Speaker Profiles

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Chad Madden

Co-Founder, Breakthrough

More Info

Chad is the Founder of Madden Physical Therapy.

He may be the “most watched” back pain and sciatica specialist in the world! He has the #1 Videos in 6 different health categories on YouTube, has written three books, created the one-of-a-kind Exercise Card System, and has over 100,000 followers of his online and social media, newsletters, and other media.

Chad is a Bethlehem Steel Baby—his parents met working there, and he was probably conceived there! He grew up in West Hanover, Pennsylvania, and enjoyed a mediocre high school sports career. Determining his strengths were academic, he earned his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy.

On September 2, 2003, he opened his physical therapy practice with a total staff of one, in a 2,000 square foot office. His first son was born three days later —great timing!

He was an introvert and “book worm” growing up, despite also loving and playing sports. He still reads an insane quantity today, and there are over 500 books in his office. His favorites are classics from a famous Pennsylvania-based motivational speaker Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. Chad believes in “input = output”, and that constant improvement can only come by “mining gems” from a lot of information and ideas. Despite athletic shortcomings, he played 17 years of baseball, 6 years of basketball, wrestled for 2 years and played 9 years of football—and football first pointed him to his career.

Chad and his wife Stephanie now have four sons and two daughters, and live on a small farm, with five miniature donkeys, two cats and a Border Collie.

Above all else, Chad believes now is the best time to raise public awareness of all that a modern, independent PT practice offers and to raise the status, security and success of the independent practice— because now is the time we have.



Carl Mattiola

Co-Founder, Breakthrough

More Info

Carl began researching the PT field when he was a marketing executive at Tesla. He got up 3 hours before his regular work day to be on phone calls, interviewing PT practice owners about how they attracted and obtained patients. This is how Carl and Chad met. Carl was, of course, horrified at what he discovered from hundreds of these interviews. He wound up leaving Tesla—and leaving a lot of money on the table—to start a company, ClinicMetrics, in response to his determining that PT practice owners had no good way of “knowing their numbers” nor had they been taught how to use them of they could, to really manage a business for profit and growth.

Elon Musk used Carl to assemble teams to get new ideas made into viable projects and implemented. He helped launch the Tesla Model S, to over $60-Million in sales in less than a year. Post-Tesla, and during the early ClinicMetrics years, Carl built not one but four 7-figure income businesses from zero. Carl Mattiola knows how to get things done.

Over the next couple years, Carl and Chad kept talking and collaborating, and arrived at a convergent place: marrying the methods Chad had developed for Direct Access Marketing, to preserve his clinic’s independence and security, and for delivering extraordinary patient experiences in the clinic that motivated patients to get well and motivated staff to stay and excel with Carl’s ability to organize it all for consistent, virtually fail-safe implementation in any number of clinics. From this, The System and Breakthrough PT Marketing was born. Carl’s passion is in helping people clarify their life goals, identify, confront and eliminate barriers, and implement plans and strategies in a thoroughly organized way.

He is also fascinated with what he and Chad call “the multiplier effect” in doing well by doing good. In his words: “I don’t like seeing capable people beaten down, and a lot of PT practice owners are. They are so mired in constant or repeating negative aspects of the business—be that unmotivated staff, poor profit margins and personal income, referred patients who trudge in grudgingly by doctor’s order, or justified worry and fear about the future for a practice dependent on doctor referrals—that they feel trapped and “de-motivated” about their businesses everyday. 

This is no way to live a life! It is particularly sad in a business that has a great multiplier effect. When Chad and I help a PT owner to get out of that daily grind, re-boot with new and inspiring goals, and re-invent their practices, we don’t just make life a lot better for that PT and his family, but with him, for everyone on his staff, and for the patients, and by Direct Access Referrals, for family members and friends of those patients who might otherwise “just live with” a variety of pain conditions or, worse, become lifelong pain-pill addicts.

This is what excites Chad and I about what we do, and what can change your daily grind to a mission driven, authentically positive experience. However, motivation without foundation and inspiration without implementation is empty. It’s a sugar and carb loaded, wolfed down tray of fast food that feels great while you’re eating it, but only a couple hours later has you crash, and feel sick and tired. That’s why we will NEVER do a ‘motivation seminar’ or speech, although we do create a foundation for new motivation. Real interest in your business and real confidence about achieving goals comes from real capability and implementation. Which is why The System is so important. It’s why you being independent but not in this alone is so important. Finally, you can liberate your real goals including ones you’d given up on, and set about achieving them with legitimate confidence because you have a proven, methodical System and because you have coaching and support from people perfectly aligned with your interests.

The other thing to understand about the advertising and marketing components of this that you should appreciate is that they are scientific. Their foundation actually dates back decades to one of the founding fathers of modern direct-response advertising, Claude Hopkins, who coined the term: Scientific Advertising. It applies to Facebook and to direct-mail, to everything. We know our numbers. When a dollar is invested we know, within a small and acceptable range of variance, exactly how many dollars it will produce. We are not “just guessing” anymore than you guess at how to get a patient well. We are not engaged in creativity; we are marketing scientists. New, direct access patient flow raised to a level freeing you from dependence on doctor referrals and leveraged to achieve your business and life goals is a scientific process validated by Chad’s practices and over 735 others.

But let’s be clear. All of the implementation of The System is for bigger purposes.
For the multiplier effect.


Kathy Borkoski

Head of Product, Breakthrough

More Info

Kathy has had a career most 5-year olds would write down on career day. She graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2001 and served as a Navy Diver and Bomb Technician.

After eight years of diving, parachuting, shooting, and blowing things up, Kathy left the Navy and became a stunt double for two years with the deep-seated hope that she would one day play herself on TV (but that never happened).

Over the following years, she ran a successful proposal writing company, competed a little in CrossFit, continued to serve in the Navy Reserves with the Defense Innovation Unit and launched a successful Kickstarter for a baby book. Her final career move before Breakthrough was to Facebook on their Business Education team where she helped advertisers learn to navigate complex Facebook marketing tools. The common thread throughout it all was a tenacious appetite for solving hard problems.


Bob Kowalick

Owner, Revenue Cycle Solutions

More Info

Bob and his company, Revenue Cycle Solutions, help Private Practice PT's get paid more and get paid faster. Bob is a wealth of knowledge. He is 100% dedicated to doing his part in the proliferation of Private Practice Physical Therapy through revenue cycle & accounts receivable management.

As a PT himself, and a former practice owner… he grew his business to 10,000 visits per month over a 6yr period, before backing out of patient care and diving deep into the business side. He sold his practice and is now solely focused on helping practice owners tighten their billing & collections processes at Certified Reimbursement Solutions, LLC (CRS) so that they can be as profitable as possible.

paul welk

Paul Welk

Attorney, Tucker & Arensburg

More Info

Paul is an experienced attorney who represents physical therapists, physicians, dentists, not-for-profit organizations, professional organizations and other business corporations and entities.

Paul focuses his practice on corporate and health law. As a licensed physical therapist, he brings his unique knowledge of the health care industry to meet his client’s needs.

Representative Experience:

  • Multiple physical therapy practices in implementing growth strategies through acquisition and the establishment of denovo clinics
  • Over one hundred physical therapists and physical therapy providers in equity and asset practice sales to strategic and financial buyers
  • Multiple physical therapy private practices with development and implementation of ownership succession plans
  • Multiple state physical therapy professional associations on a variety of issues
  • Multiple physical therapy providers regarding the transfer of partial ownership interests and the negotiation of governance and shareholder documents
  • Multiple buyers and sellers of the assets and associated real estate of dental practices
  • Multiple physical therapy providers in successful third party payer appeals
  • A manufacturing company with the successful negotiation of a shareholder dispute and stock purchase
  • A publicly traded company regarding the merger of two wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Two publicly traded companies regarding the ongoing review of distribution, supply and service contracts
  • Multiple sellers of skilled nursing facilities and related real estate
  • Multiple regional rehabilitation provider networks on a variety of issues, including formation and ongoing operations
  • Over one hundreds healthcare providers in preparing HIPAA compliance plans and providing ongoing counsel

Presentations & Publications
  • Kickstarting Your Private Practice: Keys to Success and Interactive Consulting, American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting, 2018
    American Physical Therapy Association Private Practice Section Administrator Certification Program, Legal Compliance Track (American Physical Therapy Association Private Practice Section Annual Meeting, 2018
  • My Physical Therapist is a Terrible Provider (Impact Magazine, Published 2018)
    Lessons Learned From Recent HIPAA Enforcement Cases (Impact Magazine, Published 2018)
  • So Many Rules - Which Ones Do I Follow (Impact Magazine, Published 2018)
    Leadership Authority Through Corporate Governance Documents (Impact Magazine, Published 2018)
  • Considerations for Negotiating Management Services Agreements (Impact Magazine, Published 2017)
  • Negotiating Considerations for Letters of Intent (Impact Magazine, Published 2017)
  • Customer Service and Compliance-Recent Developments Affecting Physical Therapy Practice (Impact Magazine, Published 2017)
    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Publishes Final Rule on Emergency Preparedness (Impact Magazine, Published 2016)
  • Performing a HIPAA Risk Assessment for a Suspected Breach: The Basics (Impact Magazine, Published 2016)
  • Recent Compliance Enforcement Actions Provide Good Learning Opportunity for Practices (Impact Magazine, Published 2016)
  • Covenants Not To Compete as Part of Purchase and Sale Transactions (Impact Magazine, Published 2015)
Head Shot (1)

Dan Hinnerschitz
Partner, Madden PT

More Info

Dan graduated from Lebanon Valley College with his Bachelor of Science in Health Science and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010 and 2012, respectively.  He spent his first 6 years in practice as a staff physical therapist at Madden PT’s Harrisburg location.  In May 2017, he bought into the practice and became a partner in the business. In September 2018, he opened Madden PT’s office in Dauphin, PA where he is now the clinical director.  Dan also holds an Adjunct Faculty appointment in the Physical Therapy program at LVC where he is a lab instructor for Clinical Examination, High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust (HVLAT) manual therapy module, and the Manual Therapy Elective.  Lastly, he is also an instructor with Breakthrough Manual Therapy Courses, which provides a manual therapy certification to Breakthrough clinics.


Deepak Sharma

Director, Primus Physiotherapy

More Info

Deepak graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from India. He further went on to complete his post-graduation with a Master of Physiotherapy degree in Orthopedics. Since graduating, Deepak has successfully completed many certificate courses over 13 years of his professional career like Concussion & Vestibular Rehabilitation, Functional Dry Needling, Advanced clinical gait analysis to name a few and is effectively using the knowledge and techniques in his practice. He is a passionate physiotherapist and always works towards increasing his knowledge in different areas of physiotherapy.

His expertise is in Orthopedics & sports injuries and has special interest in treating spinal injuries. He has a wide exposure working in private practice and super specialty hospitals which includes orthopedics, sports, cardio-respiratory & neurological disorders. Deepak’s main focus of treatment approach is based on manual therapy in combination with exercise programs, which helps the patients to achieve their working and functional capabilities. Deepak likes to conduct various community engagement programs in the form of workshops and seminars to educate people so that they can make informed decisions about their health.

Outside work, Deepak loves to travel and go on long drives with his wife and their son Viaan. Deepak is a huge Oilers fan and like sports in general with special interest in cricket and racket sports.

Here’s What Attendees Have to Say


An overview of the sessions for our April 23, 2021 event.

Session #1
10:00 AM Eastern

The State of PT


Chad Madden

Founder, Breakthrough
Session #2
10:30 AM Eastern

How To Grow Your EBITDA


Bob Kowalick

Owner, Revenue Cycle Solutions
Session #3
11:15 AM Eastern

How To Bring On An Internal Partner At Fair Market Value

paul welk

Paul Welk

Attorney, Tucker & Arnesburg
Session #4
12:00 PM Eastern

How To Sell Your Practice Internally To Existing Leaders And Therapist

Head Shot (1)

Dan Hinnershitz 

Madden Physical Therapy
Session #5
12:45 PM Eastern

How To Position Your Practice For An External Sell


Chad Madden

Session #6
1:30 PM Eastern

How To Open Up Your Next Location Without Losing Money


Deepak Sharma

Primus Physiotherapy
Session #7
2:15 PM Eastern

The Practice Growth Formula


Kathy Borkoski


Carl Mattiola


Chad Madden


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