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For Private Practice PTs:

The Breakthrough Workshop Bundle


Position yourself as an expert, connect with your audience, and encourage more patients to take the next step with your practice.

“I just wish more people knew what PT could do for them…”

You've seen the studies. You’ve witnessed the outcomes firsthand. And you know that physical therapy in its logical place is at the forefront of musculoskeletal health. But there’s a gap between what PTs know and what the general public understands. Right now, physical therapy is the last treatment option they consider. After the chiropractor, their family doctor, massage therapists, and urgent care.

How do you bridge this gap? How do you show the public what PT can do for them and increase your value in the marketplace?

With workshops.

Using this Bundle, you’ll learn how to present workshops (both in-person and online) that build trust, demonstrate your expertise, and get more new patients into your clinic.

Bundle Includes:

  • Workshops that Work eBook
  • Virtual Workshop Template + Script
  • Workshop Handout Template 
  • "How to Host Killer Workshops" Advanced Training Video

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Workshops are the #1 Single Best Way To Attract Direct Access Patients & Become The Best Known Expert In Your Community


The Breakthrough Workshop Bundle Covers:

  • Building Authority, Celebrity, and Expertise with workshops. Attract patients who respect your expertise and are willing to overcome all obstacles to be treated at your clinic.

  • A Step-by-Step Script & Presentation Template to convert new patients with Online Workshops

  • How to get the highest ROI on your workshops. Learn a proven process for converting audience members into paying patients without being salesy or pushy.

  • Create certainty and consistency in your marketing. Fill your space and personnel schedules as quickly as possible after you master workshops.
  • And More!

Results From Workshops

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