Looking to Increase Your Margins?

 If you're fed up with declining reimbursements. If your margins are hovering at or below 10%. If you're struggling to pay yourself...

This program could transform your practice. But only if you’re serious enough about making changes. Only if you’re ready to invest in yourself, your practice, your staff, and your future

Introducing our newest master course, Profitability Under Pressure. A 13-week program to help you improve your margins. 

In order to be considered for our first group of participants, you need to apply and attend a Profitability Assessment call. 

Apply for the Profitability Under Pressure Master Course

Accepting Applications Now

After Taking This Course You'll Be Able To... 

✔️ Drop your lowest payer and re-negotiate your insurance contracts

✔️ Market additional cash service

✔️ Empower your staff to take on more responsibilities and build a healthier work-life balance

✔️ Increase revenue from your past patient list. 

✔️ Restructure your business practices to  maximize your profitability

✔️ Eliminate your slow seasons and rely on consistent income all year long

✔️ Design a roadmap to sell your practice for maximum value

A Note From Chad Madden, MSPT

Hi, I'm Chad Madden, Owner of Madden PT and Co-Founder of Breakthrough.

I understand exactly what you’re going through… 

Because my team and I are trying to solve these same problems. The same struggles as hundreds of other PT private practice owners. 

We’re seeing the exact same challenges with declining reimbursements, steep rising costs of doing business, rabid inflation, and shrinking profits

At the same time… here’s what we’ve been able to do…

A few years ago, we had our practice valued at $16.5M. We just had another valuation done this past April; it’s now $20.8M

The reason I’m telling you this…

In spite of these economic obstacles, we’ve been able to grow our earnings by over $400,000 annually. We’ve been able to grow our practice, gainfully employ more team members, and leave a bigger impact in our community by helping more people with our physical therapy services.

In Profitability Under Pressure, we’re sharing exactly what we’re doing, how we think about it, and how you can financially plan for your practice

If you’re trying to keep your head above water during these tough economic times, or maybe you’re doing well and you just want to do better…

We’re going to give you the exact tools and how to use them to maintain your profitability…

And, if you’re willing to work at it…

Grow your practice. 

We’ll go over a profitability assessment for your practice. Then the team here at Breakthrough and I will show you exactly how to increase your profitability now.

I’m looking forward to working with you.




Learn The Ultimate Solution to Increasing Margins…
Apply for the Master Course

How Does The Application Process Work?

We want all the owners enrolled in the Profitability Under Pressure program to be able to implement what we teach as soon as possible. 

That means some practices are not ready for the meatier, more intense programs like this one…

We also want to ensure that the small-group calls stay at a size where everyone in the course can get the support they need.

That’s why we are asking for applications

To Apply: Fill out a questionnaire, then schedule a Profitability Assessment with one of our Program Directors. 

No matter what, you will get value out of this assessment call. 

We’ll go through what you are facing now, what you can do to improve profitability, and whether or not the program is a good fit for you. 

This program is right for:

  • PT Private Practice Owners Feeling the Pressure of Shrinking Margins
  • PT Private Practice Owners Doing Well, but Want to Stay Ahead of the Trend
  • Those Ready to Commit to Studying 1 Hour Per Week
  • Engaged PT Private Practice Owners with a Growth Mindset

This program is WRONG for:

  • Startup Practices ( < 1 Year) or Side Hustles 
  • Victims or Know it All Mindsets
  • Those Who Can’t Commit To Change
  • Those Not Willing to Invest in Themselves (Time and Money)

If you jump on a call with one of our Program Directors, and Profitability Under Pressure isn’t a good fit for you at this time, no worries.

We’ll still talk through your unique challenges and goals and walk through a profitability assessment with you. 

Meet Tony, Owner of Kinetix Physical Therapy and a Breakthrough Customer

Kinetix Physical Therapy - Case Study



Learn The Ultimate Solution to Increasing Margins…
Apply for the Master Course