Building a Monopoly with Neuropathy

Transform your practice by tapping into the huge demand for a solution to neuropathy.

Watch the training to discover:

  • An overview of the market opportunity in neuropathy
  • Strategies for attracting neuropathy patients
  • Partners and tools that can help you treat this underserved market

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Chad Madden

Owner, Madden PT

Imagine what this would be like...

Someone in your community suffers from nerve pain.

They may not understand their pain or know what to do about it…..but they see an ad that describes their problem perfectly. They click it.

From there, they see a local workshop is coming up in their community that’s focused on the type of pain they’re experiencing.

They attend and have a great experience. It gives them hope for their future.

You sign them up as a patient. You help them manage their pain and get back to their life. They tell their friends about it. Word spreads. There’s a snowball effect.

You become the local authority (maybe even celebrity!) expert on neuropathy. This means more higher-paying patients each month.

In this upcoming training, I'll walk you through the steps of this process and how to do it. I’ll give you the exact tools you need to attract neuropathy patients and become known as the go-to expert on neuropathy.


Discover a proven way to attract neuropathy patients to your practice.

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