Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice Physical Therapy

If you'd like to grow and scale your Physical Therapy practice by attracting new patients through proven marketing and business strategies, this book will be a valuable resource for you. 





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What's Inside

Here are Some Killer Marketing Secrets Revealed Inside This Book:

  • The 42 Questions EVERY Private Practice Owner needs to answer to achieve their Dream Practice…
  • 5 BIG Trends in Healthcare... and how it’s changing the Private Practice Physical Therapy environment...POPTS & Hospital Systems, Insurance Companies, Direct Access…(Chapter 3)...
  • The BIG Mistake we’ve made as Private Practice PTs implementing Direct Access in our clinics…
  • What they DIDN’T teach us in PT School about Marketing a Private Practice…
  • 6 Steps to the Patient Experience Funnel that crushes it for Practice Owners who apply it…
  • The Biggest Challenge to Marketing Your Private Practice Online (Chapter 11)...
  • Conversions, Web sites, Squeeze pages and Follow-ups...How to automate your practice...with Advanced Automated Patient Conversion Systems… & More!

Trusted by Hundreds of PT Private Practices

Practices Have Generated More Than $125M of Patient Revenue With Breakthrough

What You'll Learn

Topics Covered

We know that is a lot of strategies and tactics for PT and Rehab Therapy Practice Owners. And it’s the hard stuff that nobody else can share with you because nobody else has tested it like we have at Breakthrough. 

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Workshops that Work

How To Host Killer Physical Therapy Workshops That Drive New Patients.

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Content Marketing

3 Forms of Content Marketing…and Why “Information” Works Best…(Chapter 10)

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Facebook Advertising

Learn the Same Online Marketing Techniques Used at Industry Leading Practices.

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Marketing Strategy

The #1 Marketing Strategy That Crushes All Other Tactics We’ve Tried.